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Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebration of Love with a Smile

The reason why I love LOVE so much....

Anyone who truly knows me knows I love LOVE!  I grew up in a household where I was blessed to witness a beautiful loving relationship.  Yesterday my parents would had celebrated their 32nd Wedding Anniversary. I still remember growing up my sister planning surprise anniversary parties for my parents and every friend and family member was there even from other states.  Seemed everyone adored this relationship even till to this day and both my parents have transitioned on and their legacy is still strong.

When my father passed away, I then understood what a "soulmate" was.  My mother never smiled the same way again the man who was her "knight in shining armour, protector, best friend and more" was missing from her soul. I know now that they are both back together smiling!

This is also a special date for others Happy Birthday to my nephew Justen and Happy Anniversary to my big cousin Chris!! Love ya guys!

My fav picture of my parents (you will see this alot it's a big inspiration for me).  
I loved the way my dad made my mom smile.

If I could sing, I would imagine me singing this to them.... "I BELIEVE IN THIS LOVE!!"

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford & Sarah August Wedding Day | 11~10~1979

soulmate (or soul mate) is the theoretical person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinitysimilarityloveintimacysexualityspirituality, or compatibility.

What's your favorite love story? Have you found your soulmate?

Have an 'A'Ventful Friday!

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